IPA Signature Tool

AU IPA Sign Tool,which is a cross-platform version of IOS signature tool, having multiple versions such as windows version, Linux version and MAC version.It supports two modes of operation (command line operation and graphical interface operation) to do ios app signature,such as re-sign ipa and batch signature by Personal Developer Certificate or Enterprise Developer Certificate.Btw it is easy to use this tool to change the bundleid\appversion\appname of the application

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Batch Signature


All Type Of Certificates

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IPA Signature Tool on Windows

graphical interface operation: double-click au_ipa_signer program to run the tool,after the software starts, selected the IPA file first,it will read and information of the app name、ID and version automatically.then select the Signature Certificate and profile ,input the password of cer. Last, run。If use command line operation,you could execute command line au_ipa_signer -h to know more command

Sign IPA on Linux

IPA Sign Tool use graphical interface operation by default.In addition,you could also use command line operation , execute command line au_ipa_signer -h that to know more command line of this tool on linux, MAC or windows. e.g. au_ipa_signer -s demo.ipa -p 123456 -c test.p12 -m test.mobileprovision -o signed.ipa

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IPA Batch Signature

If you want to sign the IPA in batches, you can run the IPA sign signature tool through php, or bash, shell script. Signature has no restriction on certificates, IOS Personal Certificate\Company Certificate\Test Certificate can be supported.Only use the effective certificate,to re-sign ipa or change the information of bundleid\appversion\appname. Thus, it is easy to realize multiple IOS software. Long-term use requires activation of the software and activation of the command au_ipa_signer-code activatecode